"To improve financial literacy among young adults through novel approaches of practical, interactive education."
For Parents and Students
What is StreetSage?
Experience a lifetime of investing, while learning lessons that will last a lifetime.
Your Challenge
Your goal is to turn $10,000 into $100,000 in less than three months.

Sound tough? It's not in the world of StreetSage. That's because StreetSage is a virtual stock market that simulates 25 years of investing in only 10 weeks.

As a StreetSage investor, you'll make decisions based on realistic information with realistic results, and you'll have plenty of time to build wealth... or not. Either way, you'll gain valuable knowledge about picking, holding, and selling stocks. The experience will serve you well when it's time to put your own money to work making more in the real world market.

The StreetSage Stock Market

StreetSage is the first teaching tool to accurately illustrate the virtues of long-term investing using a 25-year game-simulation. Time passes evenly over the 10-week period—each week equals 2.5 years in game-time.

StreetSage is entirely comprised of fictional companies, financial data, and news items. Everything that you see was drawn from extensive research of hundreds of companies since 1960 to precisely model the U.S. stock market

Besides its accelerated pace, StreetSage differs from the real world in that:
  • You pay all taxes and commissions immediately, rather than at year end.
  • StreetSage's calendar holds no significance to historical events. Its only purpose is to provide a perspective of time.

Despite its fictional nature, StreetSage mimics the real world in that:
  • Taxes are assessed on dividends (cash payouts to stock owners) are 15%.
  • Taxes are assessed on capital gains (the profit made between the selling and original purchase price) are 15% if you held the stock for more than one year and 35% otherwise.
  • Each transaction, purchase or sale, carries a commission charge of $50
  • You must choose your investments wisely because not all of them will thrive.
Key Improvements
Experience 25 years of investing in just a few weeks!
The StretSage Alternative

StreetSage recognized the inadequacies of other stock market games and built an advanced product engineered to teach young adults the virtues of long-term investing. Our mission is "To improve financial literacy among young adults through novel approaches of practical, interactive education." Here's what we did:

Simulated Time

StreetSage is a continuously active game that runs in pseudo real time. Annually, there are three sessions, each imitating a 25-year investment cycle. Time elapses uniformly throughout the 10-weeks as students can sign on at any time in the classroom or at home. This allows for the teaching of long-term investment fundamentals such as the importance of diversification and the miracle of compounding. In this fashion, the risky investor is deterred from taking a position in volatile companies while the more sophisticated investor will be encouraged and rewarded with a job well done.

Winning Isn't Everything

In StreetSage, winning most certainly isn't everything. Although we do consistently post the current results of each player and a leader board, this is only necessary to provide an element of competition, thereby creating interest in the subject matter. Alternatively, StreetSage provides a journaling feature, recording a student’s reasoning behind each transaction. Thus, by simply using the teacher administration section, an educator can assess and grade a student’s rationale rather than simply their performance.

A Most Realistic Simulation

StreetSage does all of the administration work for you. Trading commissions and capital gains and dividend taxes are automatically assessed as the student plays the game. We don't hide these facts but rather openly display them to provide for further understanding of the realities of investing and consequences of trading too frequently.

Fully Informed Decisions

StreetSage provides all the research and information an investor could need. At your fingertips are company profiles, quotes, financial statistics, charts and recent news. Furthermore, detailed information about your portfolio is provided in easy-to-read graphs and tables. Teach the value of diversification by looking at how much of your portfolio is allocated to one stock or another. Clarify important investment terminology with the StreetSage Glossary to improve their understanding of news items. And, track performance as it is related to analysis to understand what works and what doesn't. Overall, enlighten students of the difference between investing and gambling; guesswork will not cut it in the real world.
Go ahead, give it a try!
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System Requirements
Are you ready to start investing?
Below are the minimum system requirements for running StreetSage:
  • Personal Computer running either Internet Explorer or Mozilla
  • 56K or faster Internet Connection (broadband is recommended)
  • Java Plugin for your web browser